rock and roll futility
Meat the Ghosts, the heralded new album by Knoxville Power Drinkers, The Ghosts, took an unfortunate turn for the worse.  According to Lead Bassist, Noodles Jefferson, lead singer and songwriter, He Who Can Not Be Named has taken to fasting under a Pipal tree in Nepal until bassist Jefferson and Drummer, Johnny Satin have renounced unkosher meat products.  This latest rift is expected to force the Ghosts, already 1,324 years late on their latest release to push the release date for the record to Janfebruary 2009.  Developing...........

The Ghosts - 4 track Demos from 1996

The Ghosts - Live at Hawkeyes 10/12/1998

The Ghosts - 1998 4 song Disgraceland Demo


The Ghosts - Revival 2000

Meat the Ghosts 2005

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